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Kirsten Flournoy
Editor, San Diego Family Magazine

“Ondine Kuraoka is one of San Diego Family Magazine's best writers. Her reviews for our regular Family Dining column showcase her trademark appreciation of culinary talent and creativity. Ondine's writing captures not only the essentials (taste, ambiance, service, appearance), she also conveys the entire experience of dining in a way that makes readers feel as though they are sitting beside her at the table, savoring every bite. Descriptive and charming, her reviews make for delightful reading.”

Lisa De Marco
Designer, De Marco Design

“Ondine Brooks Kuraoka is a true professional and one of my favorite writers to work with! I relied upon Ondine to research and present content suggestions for Living in Style Magazine's Health and Wellness section and, without fail, she came up with interesting and fresh ideas month after month. She can take any topic and work her magic to the exact word count, tone and style assigned - typically beating the deadline by a day or two.”

Peter Gotfredson
Publisher, La Jolla About Town

“Ondine has provided La Jolla About Town with numerous entertaining and engaging stories that have become ongoing articles in our magazine. She is not only well organized and thorough in her writing, she is a pleasure to work with.”

Patricia Walsh
Editor, La Jolla About Town

“Ondine's writing has great energy, amazing detail, and leaves you feeling full when you're done. Patricia Marx at The New Yorker doesn't have anything over her!”

Jim Ray
CEO, NutriMirror®

“Ondine's rewrite of an important whitepaper we were struggling with really brought it to life. I find her a pleasure to work with and she is a professional in every way. Not only do I look forward to working with her again, I heartily recommend her talents to anyone looking for a fantastic health writer.”

Brian Masuga
Design Principal, Lunar Cow Design

“Ondine quickly fit into our team. She blends great writing talent with a pleasant, attentive, customer-driven style that is very easy to work with on projects. She excels at shaping foundational direction into successful completion. At Lunar Cow, we seek the talent that understands that hard-work and extra effort are what separates 'good' talent from 'great.' Ondine is one of these 'great' talents and we are pleased she is a part of our team.”

Becky Masuga
Project Manager, Lunar Cow Design

“Ondine wrote feature stories to appeal to potential visitors as if she had lived in the area her entire life, when she had actually never even been there. And she was able to change hats to do this for different areas of the country at the same time! Her writing is an asset to our publications.”