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I am available to write press releases and advertorials for businesses and organizations. I use search engine optimization strategies to increase web visibility. I have Expert Author status on ezine.com, another tool to spread the word about your products and services. Also, my experience as a published author of magazine articles helps me identify newsworthy angles to help you get publicity.

"Green" Sunscreen? SunGrubbies.com Adds a New Line of All-Natural, Environmentally-Friendly Sunscreens, January 2010. PDF

Susan Kaweski, M.D.
La Mesa, CA is Now Home to the Esteemed Plastic Surgery Practice of Susan Kaweski, M.D., May 2009. PDF

Jenna Druck Foundation
500 Future Leaders Meet at San Diego’s 9th Annual Young Women's Spirit of Leadership Conference, March 2005. PDF

Dr. Jean Kilbourne to Give Keynote Speech at Young Women’s Leadership Conference, March 2005. PDF

Young Women’s Leadership Conference Inspires Philanthropy: La Jolla High School Student Helps Raise $19,000 for Breast Cancer Research, March 2005. PDF