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Ondine Brooks Kuraoka

Freelance Writer
Mother of 2 boys
San Diego local since 1972
English, German, Spanish
Reading, playing guitar, travel, gardening


As a freelance writer I’ve covered an extensive range of topics, including homeowners’ issues, car safety, family-focused themes, profiles, reviews, and travel.

I have also completed two life story projects in which I interviewed my subjects and wrote their memoirs. With a Master’s degree in Social Work, I have specialized training as an interviewer. I have interviewed hundreds of subjects; I am skilled in comfortable interview pacing and asking in-depth questions at the right time.

1994 - MSW, Smith College School for Social Work, Northampton, MA
1991 - BA, Psychology, summa cum laude, Boston University, Boston, MA

Personal Links
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The Kuraoka Family Website: my family
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